Is Making Out Causing Your Breakouts and Acne!?!? | Cassandra Bankson

Are makeout sessions causing breakouts and irritating your acne prone skin!? Here are my suggestions on what you can do to make out WITHOUT the break out!
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Why Making Out Can Cause Breakouts:
Friction and skin on skin contact can cause irritation, oil stimulation and bacteria sharing; Saliva can be drying + irritating to skin, and any rough skin texture or facial stubble can be damaging and scratching to skin!

What you should add to your skin care routine when making out becomes a routine:
1. Moisturize! It acts as a spit/skin shield! I love the juice beauty Oil Free Organic Moisturizer:
2. Touch Up! Just like you would cover acne or blemishes with foundation after it gets rubbed off, or kissed off, touch up your skincare with wipes to clean skin and remove any saliva! I love the Pixi Beauty Towelettes with soothing ale vera.
Use a Pre & Post Make out Mask! Its like hitting "Reset" for your skin, especially when makeouts become regular. The Lush Cosmetics Cupcake Fresh Facemask smells like chocolate, has healing clay and vanilla to help sooth skin on a regular basis. Not to mention its handmade and cruelty free and smells like chocolateee!!,en_US,pd.html

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